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DTTI Workshop

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Choose your DTTI Team Member and Book a Consultation

Steve Sawyer LCSW Developmental Trauma Training Expert


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Erin Findley, Certified Brainspotting Consultant and Therapist


Individual Consultation

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Digging Roots BSP Consultation Group

Nurturing Growth: Digging Roots Consultation Groups for Trained Practitioners

Enhance your journey with Digging Roots through our consultation groups, open to practitioners who have completed at least one full Digging Roots training session. These groups are designed to deepen your understanding of the Digging Roots approach, boost your confidence in applying Digging Roots skills, and facilitate connections with fellow trained practitioners. It’s an opportunity to enrich your foundational knowledge, discuss advanced techniques, and exchange insights in a supportive community environment. Continue your growth and contribution to transforming lives with Digging Roots.

Please note: Participation is available to those who have previously completed a Digging Roots training.

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