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Digging Roots Brainspotting Providers

Digging Roots Providers

Explore the list of Priority & Trained Providers of the Digging  Roots Program.

Priority Providers

A DR (Digging Roots) Priority Provider has shown commitment to mastering all that is within the depths of this treatment model customized for the developmental trauma population. They align and treat based on the research adaptations that are unique to the DT population. These providers regularly attend consultations and are engaged with the DTTI (Developmental Trauma Training Institute) team. This includes at least two Digging Roots trainings as well as engagement with mastering the model through the consultation group structure.

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Trained Providers

These individuals have been through the training since its evolution post-Covid timing. The DR model took on an intensive evolution around this time and required a full three-day time commitment. The providers on this list conceptualize DT through a lens of encapsulated stress from childhood experiences and know how to access the deepest root levels of the client’s struggles.

COMING SOON - View the list of Trained Partners
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