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Steve Sawyer from the Developmental Trauma Training Institute

The DTTI Team

Meet the team behind the Developmental Trauma Training Institute and find out more about their work.

Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer LCSW

  • Brainspotting International Senior Trainer

  • Heartmath Interventions & Resilent Heart Programs Co-Author

  • Embark Outdoor Programs Chief Clinical Consultant


Steve Sawyer is a highly experienced trainer of several unique therapeutic models including Brainspotting and HeartMath. Steve co-founded three wilderness programs with a trauma-informed and clinical focus: New Vision Wilderness in Wisconsin (2007), Deschutes Wilderness Therapy in Oregon (2012) and First Light Wilderness Therapy in Georgia (2020). He continues to work as a core therapeutic training development staff with the institute of HeartMath, receiving their Humanitarian Heart award in 2018, along with significant contributions to both the HeartMath Interventions and Resilient Heart Training Programs.

Steve is a leading active International Brainspotting trainer with training of Phases 1 and 2, and he authored the Developmental Trauma-Focused Model of Brainspotting. Steve’s Native-focused work is as a Wellbriety Mending Broken Hearts trainer, Native Focused Brainspotting trainer and Generation Red Road facilitator. Steve spends time amongst trauma focused treatment masters like Gabor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk. Steve’s trainings are recognized nation-wide for cutting edge therapeutic techniques, science, and inspiration.


Erin Findley, PsyD (she/her), is a Licensed Psychologist (CA PSY27364) based in Napa, California, who leads her private practice with compassion and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of neurodivergent individuals and couples; artists; high performers; and those with single-incident, complex, and/or developmental trauma.


In her clinical practice, Dr. Findley uses a highly attuned, radically accepting, bottom-up approach that is built on attachment theory and neuroscience. She is a Certified Brainspotting Consultant and Therapist, she is an HSP-Knowledgeable Therapist, she has received Advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, and she is trained in both classic EMDR and Attachment-Focused EMDR. 

Dr. Erin Findley

Dr. Erin Findley

  • Licensed Psychologist

  • Certified Brainspotting Consultant & Therapist 

  • Neurodiversity Specialist

Beyond her professional credentials, Dr. Findley is a champion for social justice and actively participates in ongoing learning, self-reflection, and advocacy efforts spanning more than a decade. Her commitment to decolonization, both personally and within her practice, reflects her dedication to equitable and inclusive mental health services. 

This dedication extends to her professional efforts, driven by a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of life for autistic and other neurodivergent individuals. She employs a multifaceted approach, educating both the general public and professionals across various disciplines, while striving to improve access to high-quality neurodiversity affirmative services and supports. Dr. Findley has also pioneered professional spaces where like-minded colleagues can learn her methods for incorporating neurodiversity affirmative principles into Brainspotting, couples therapy, and psychological assessment.


In her personal life, Dr. Findley has diverse interests including music, acting, reading, writing, creating jewelry, and spending time with her family and her pets. She also bakes the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever eat.

Keri Sawyer

Keri Sawyer

  • DT Somatic Specialist

  • BBA, ERYT 500, YACEP

  • TCTSY Licensed Trainer 


Keri Sawyer, has over a decade of experience facilitating movement and breath practices, embodiment, and trauma informed practices. She is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has trained thousands of people as an experienced 500 hour yoga teacher and licensed Trainer with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston. Keri provides Trauma Sensitive yoga to trauma survivors of all ages, facilitates trainings for yoga teachers and healthcare workers, and provides research-based information and trauma-informed treatment practices to the therapeutic world.

Keri oversees the implementation of of trauma informed practices into therapeutic models in clinical and residential treatment programs across the country along with agency trainings and regular consultation for mental health clinicians, therapists, nurses, massage therapists, yoga teachers and more. Her passion is to provide an opportunity for survivors of trauma to have an authentic experience with a safe and predictable felt sense of their body along with spreading awareness of trauma-informed practices. 


Amy is an experienced professional who has spent nearly 15 years working alongside Steve Sawyer and 13 enriching years assisting Steve with his program at New Vision Wilderness. Her journey in the workforce spans over three decades in leading roles, where she has honed her skills in leadership, strategic execution, and creating lifelong connections.

Beyond Amy's professional life, she is a devoted mother of three and a grandmother of three, roles that bring joy and depth to her life. Her family values and work experience blend seamlessly to shape her approach to both life and career. Amy is looking forward to connecting and sharing insights from her journey!


Amy Drasch

Jenni Axelson

Jenni Axelson


Jenni is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) based in Toronto, Canada. She is currently completing the placement component of her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and believes deeply in the power of somatic therapeutic approaches such as brainspotting.


In the future, Jenni hopes to combine this approach with her passion for supporting those who have experienced trauma at any stage of life. She is excited to have the opportunity to merge her passion for trauma awareness and treatment with her creative side through managing social media platforms and communications for DTTI.

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